[openssl-project] Final check against the release criteria

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Mon Sep 10 21:14:52 UTC 2018

A final check against the release criteria:

- All open github issues/PRs older than 2 weeks at the time of release
to be assessed for relevance to 1.1.1. Any flagged with the 1.1.1
milestone to be closed (see below)

There are no 1.1.1 flagged issues. There is one 1.1.1 flagged PR which
was opened yesterday. It is a trivial fix in the ossltest engine,
currently blocked on the author updating it to add "CLA:trivial". This
is not a significant issue so I consider this criterion met.

- Clean builds in Travis and Appveyor for two days

AppVeyor has been green for more than two days. Travis is currently
green. It was red earlier due to an environmental change on Travis - not
due to any code issue in OpenSSL. It also briefly went red due to a
failure in travis to start the build properly (i.e. not an OpenSSL
issue). I don't consider either of these to be blockers for the release.

- run-checker.sh to be showing as clean 2 days before release

run-checker is currently green and has been for some while.

- No open Coverity issues (not flagged as "False Positive" or "Ignore")

There are no open Coverity issues not in the test suite that are not
flagged as false positive or ignore. Until yesterday the project
settings filtered out issues in the test suite. That setting has been
changed and now we have a whole bunch of them to fix. I don't think that
should stop us from releasing.

- TLSv1.3 RFC published (with at least one beta release after the

RFC is published!

In summary I consider the release criteria to be met and so I will be
going ahead with the release tomorrow.


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