[openssl-project] A proposal for an updated OpenSSL version scheme (v2)

Tim Hudson tjh at cryptsoft.com
Sat Sep 22 05:22:49 UTC 2018

If you accept that we have a MAJOR.MINOR.FIX.PATCH encoding currently
documented and in place and that the encoding in OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER is
documented then the semantic versioning is an easy change.
We do not need to change our encoding of MAJOR.MINOR - that is documented
and fixed. We just need to start using it the way semantic versioning says
we should.
We need to eliminate FIX - there is no such concept in semantic versioning.
And PATCH exists as a concept but in semantic versioning terms it is a

That leads to two main choices in our current encoding as to how we achieve
1) leave old FIX blank
2) move old PATCH to old FIX and leave old PATCH blank (i.e. old FIX is
renamed to new PATCH and old PATCH is eliminated)

Option 2 offers the *least surprise* to users - in that it is how most
users already think of OpenSSL in terms of a stable API - i.e. our current
MAJOR.MINOR.FIX is actually read as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH or to be more precise
our users see FIX and PATCH as combined things - they don't see our MAJOR
and MINOR as combined things.

Under option 2 it does mean anyone that thinks a change of our current
MINOR means an ABI break would be interpreting things incorrectly - but
that interpretation is *entirely safe* - in that they would be assuming
something more conservative rather than less conservative. And leaving the
old PATCH blank doesn't hurt anyone.

I don't think that moving to semantic versioning requires us to change our
encoding of OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER except to move PATCH to FIX - as one of
those concepts disappears.
And then when we do a major release update (like 1.1.1) we end up with a
MAJOR version change.

Alternatively, we can elect to effectively say the OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER
encoding we have documented and supported is subject to yet another change
where we reinterpret things.
That is doable - but I also think entirely unnecessary and confusing for
our users.

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