[openssl-project] NEW: A proposal for an updated OpenSSL version scheme (v3.0-dev)

Richard Levitte levitte at openssl.org
Mon Sep 24 15:41:14 UTC 2018

Following the discussion that we had on the previous documents and on
all the input I got, I created a new version (v3.0-dev) for this proposal:


It's written from the point of view that the comment in opensslv.h and
the documentation in OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER.pod are correct as to what
the components in the version number are, and that we simply didn't do
as the docs said since 1.0.0.  So the idea is to simply reset, and
then synthesize the value of existing macros (especially
OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER) to be safe to use as we have observed that
users do.

This document leaves a few questions open:

1. what version will the next major release actually be?  2.0.0 has
   been suggested, and 3.0.0 as well.  I see that as out of scope for
   this document, and should simply be voted on by the OMC at some
2. how should we handle ABI compatibility / incompatibility?  It's
   possible that it's out of scope here, I'm unsure...
3. policies on what should and should not go into what version number
   level?  I see that as out of scope for this document, but is
   definitly a related topic to discuss.


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