Late Monthly Status Report (January 2019)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Tue Apr 16 20:07:47 UTC 2019

[I've been too distracted to crank these out regularly, will do better]

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business,
normal system administration tasks, etc., key activities this month:

* Development

  - Significant work on the FIPS design/architecture
  - Finalized the first part of a major change in configuration and
    (PR openssl/openssl#7473)
  - Finalized adding attributes for product files in
    (PR openssl/openssl#7581)
  - Cleaned away artifacts
    (PR openssl/openssl#8125)
  - Reviewed s390x related enhancements
    (PRs openssl/openssl#6919, openssl/openssl#7988)
  - Reviewed ppc related enhancements
    (PR openssl/openssl#8120)
  - Reviewed addition of "weak" symbol declarations
    (PR openssl/openssl#8087) 
  - Reviewed addition of CAdES support
    (PR openssl/openssl#7893)
  - Started work on the OpenSSL 3.0 core: core types
    (PR openssl/openssl#8286)
  - Started work on the OpenSSL 3.0 core: provider object
    (PR openssl/openssl#8287)
* Web

  - Implemented apropos-like list of manpages
    (PR openssl/web#102)
  - Reformat the FAQ for a more modern display, and also to make more
    direct use of markdown
    (PR openssl/web#103)
  - Added generation of HTML5 from markdown
    (PR openssl/web#108)
  - Reworked man-page generation to always generate the man1 / man3 /
    man5 / man7 structure, even of the source is the older apps /
    crypto / ssl form, as well as cross-referencing between man-pages
    of different OpenSSL versions
    (PR openssl/web#107)
  - Published the OpenSSL Strategic Architecture document
    (PR openssl/web#110)

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