Monthly Status Report (March 2019)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Tue Apr 16 20:10:17 UTC 2019

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business,
normal system administration tasks, etc., key activities this month:

* Development

  - Deprecated the "hw" configuration option and made "padlockeng"
    (PR openssl/openssl#8380)
  - Finalized addition of generic trace API together with Matthias
    St Pierre
    (PR openssl/openssl#8198)
  - Finalized work on the basics for OpenSSL 3.0 replumbing: provider
    (PRs openssl/openssl#8287)
  - Finalized work on the OpenSSL 3.0 core: generic method constructor
    (PR openssl/openssl#8340)
  - Finalized work on the OpenSSL 3.0 EVP: constructor for EVP methods
    (PR openssl/openssl#8341)
  - Reviewed the added OSSL_PARAM API
    (PR openssl/openssl#8451)
  - Reviewed further trace API work
    (PR openssl/openssl#8463)
  - Added mechanism for fallback providers and pre-populating the
    provider store with well known providers ("default")
    (PR openssl/openssl#8480)
  - Reviewed the addition of chacha20 and poly1305 assembler for ia64
    (PR openssl/openssl#8540)
  - Finally remove everything that has to do with "heartbeats"
    (PR openssl/openssl#1928)
  - Started work on the OpenSSL 3.0 core: config module for providers
    (PR openssl/openssl#8549)
  - Started work on OSSL_PARAM name registration and checking
    (PR openssl/openssl#8461)
  - Started work on tidying our common perl scripts
    (PR openssl/openssl#8525)
  - [unpublished] Started work on flexible installation commands for
  - [unpublished] Continued work on flexible building commands for

* Web

  - Published the OpenSSL 3.0 Design document
    (PR openssl/web#113)
  - Reworked the release strategy to include the version scheme for
    OpenSSL 3.0 and on; generalised the criteria for alpha, beta and
    release; reviewed the new stability policy
    (PR openssl/web#82)
  - Reviewed the added extended support contract information
    (PR openssl/web#122)
  - Reworked web site building to centralise release information
    (PR openssl/web#120)

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