Late Monthly Status Report (April 2019)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Wed Aug 14 14:16:09 UTC 2019

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business,
normal system administration tasks, etc., key activities this month:

* Development

  - Restore the "heartbeats" configuration option in Configure among
    the deprecated
    (PR openssl/openssl#8632)
  - Made it possible to check module availability and to disable
    module building
    (PRs openssl/openssl#8623, openssl/openssl#8665)
  - Added a provider configuration module
    (PR openssl/openssl#8549)
  - Renamed the PROVIDER_CONF and ENGINE_CONF trace classes to CONF
    (PR openssl/openssl#8680)
  - Added EVP_set_default_properties() to set global properties and a
    corresponding configuration command
    (PR openssl/openssl#8681)
  - Changed the params API to require sizes for {utf8,octet}_ptr
    (PR openssl/openssl#8703)
  - Fixed the generic EVP algorithm fetch to actually cache them
    (PR openssl/openssl#8781)
  - Reworked the processing of %user and %useradd in Configure so they
    are merged into %config earlier, and make disabling stuff easier
    and safer
    (PR openssl/openssl#8812)
  - Added the possibility to display and use MODULESDIR
    (PR openssl/openssl#8709)
  - Added a new function OPENSSL_info() as a way for application to
    get built-in OpenSSL data, as well as a corresponding command
    'openssl info' for scripting purposes
    (PR openssl/openssl#8709)
  - Made Configure recognise clang -fsanitize options and translate
    them to our disabling options
    (PR openssl/openssl#8778)
  - Configure: process later
    (PR openssl/openssl#8846)
  - Made the oneshot proider cipher function like the others
    (PR openssl/openssl#8849)
  - Gave the possibility for the provider to create a context
    (PR openssl/openssl#8848)
  - Submitted and kept working on previous work to switch apps to use
    OSSL_STORE to find certs, keys and CRLs
    (PR openssl/openssl#7390)
  - [unpublished] Continued work on flexible installation commands for
  - [1.1.1 only] Reworked DSO API conditions and configuration option
    (PR openssl/openssl#8622)

* System administration

  - Worked on our bind configuration for better templating of repeated

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