Planing to contribute to Openssl community

Jayashankara DM jayashankara5.drs at
Mon Aug 19 11:37:04 UTC 2019

Hi All,

This is Jayashankara D M , Newly joined to this community :)
I would like to contribute some thing to openssl community which i came
across while working on one of my project .

I am planing to build wrapper on top of openssl library to verify the X509
certificate.So that someone wants to verify there client/server certificate
can easy verify without knowing much internal details of openssl library.

Basically it's is library which can be used by any application which uses
SSL to verify the certificates.

As we now many application will have different security/certificate
requirements like life span of x509 certificate, domain-name, signature
algorithms being used and which revocation method used to check revocation
status of x509 certificate and many more.

I would like here you from your end if this looks fine or not.

Note: Let me know if there any case where i can contribute.

Thanks & Regards,
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