Flaw in our process for dealing with trivial changes

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Thu Dec 12 09:20:47 UTC 2019

I notice that PR 10594 (Add support for otherName:NAIRealm in output)
got merged yesterday:

The commit description contained "CLA: trivial" and so the "hold: cla
required" label was not automatically applied to the PR. But the
discussion in the PR suggested a CLA should be submitted. But it got
merged anyway! Fortunately the CLA had already been processed - just not
noted in the PR. So, in this case, it makes no difference.

I think this points to a possible flaw in our workflow for dealing with
trivial changes. Because the "CLA: trivial" header suppresses the "hold:
cla required" label and the git hooks don't complain when commits get
pushed with the "CLA: trivial" header and no CLA on file, it seems
possible to me that we could push commit all the way through the process
without the reviewers even realising that the author is claiming
triviality on the commit.

Not sure what the solution to that is.


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