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The controls are easier to understand and use currently.
The advantage of params is that you can batch them, so that the order no longer matters during setup (e.g- I need to set EVP_MD first).

The params are not being used in anger yet.
My main problem with the params is that no data is set into them - only pointers to the data blob.
I find this to be a confusing interface which hurts my (tiny) brain (especially with types like strings)
I would prefer base types (like int to just be embedded in the set data - even if that meant allocs are needed).
My concern is that is the end user is supposed to use what we have currently, there are going to be many issues.


> On 4 Jun 2019, at 4:12 pm, Dr Paul Dale <paul.dale at oracle.com> wrote:
> A question for the committers and beyond.
> Should the OSSL_PARAM concept be used for more than just the libcrypto ⇿ provider interface?
> The one that springs to mind is a more general form of the various ctrl calls, there are some string ctrl calls that attempt to do the same thing in a less structured manner.
> Thoughts?
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