VOTE Apply PR#9084 reverting DEVRANDOM_WAIT

Dr Paul Dale paul.dale at
Fri Jun 7 23:28:43 UTC 2019

This vote has been closed, it passed 5 votes to 2 with no abstentions.

Up for discussion is the text of the next vote.  I’m proposing this:

Topic: The OpenSSL 3.0.0 release will include mitigation for the low entropy on boot and first boot problems.
Comment: PR#9084 removed such mitigation due to the negative side effects.

I’ll make this formal in a day or so, so if anyone wants to suggest alternative wording, that’s the time line.  The vote text is the “topic” line, the comment is explanatory only.

Note: I’m not mentioning the mechanism used, that still needs to be decided on.  This is just saying that 3.0.0 *will* have some mechanism.

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