Removing function names from errors (PR 9058)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Wed Jun 12 03:51:44 UTC 2019

Many of us, both past and present, have looked at the error reporting
code and wante to change it somehow.  There's currently a PR, 9058,
which covers one aspect, the function name indicator.

A -1 was raised early on for the purpose of starting a discussion, and
eventually (possibly?) a vote.

A discussion point in that PR is whether it's still interesting to
keep information on the system function/callback that was called when
we're reporting a system error, i.e. this type of error report:

    SYSerr(SYS_F_FSTAT, errno);

(incidently, there's another PR, 9072, which changes those to
'SYSerr("fstat", errno)')

So, the main points of discussion seem to be:

- should we remove function indicators in our error reporting?
- should we make an exception for system errors (SYSerr())?


P.S. I'm personally not entirely sure that we need an actual vote, if
this discussion shows that we all agree.  Perhaps to confirm and make
the decision formally solid?

Richard Levitte         levitte at
OpenSSL Project

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