Removing function names from errors (PR 9058)

Matt Caswell matt at
Thu Jun 13 10:01:46 UTC 2019

On 13/06/2019 10:50, Richard Levitte wrote:
> Good point, but note that there is no conflict with what I wrote.

Yes, I realise that.

>  The
> additional information you're talking about is something we currently
> provide the ERR_add_error_data() function for, and that together with
> the reason text (derived from the reason code) is the data the end
> user can reasonably get.  It's up to whoever writes the error raising
> code to provide enough useful information.

Yes, although in practice we don't currently do this (we very rarely add
additional explanatory text). Not sure if that is a problem with the API, our
coding standards, or our culture.

> Incidently, I did mention thinking about a new (better, I hope) error
> raising function on github, and might as well repeat it here:
>     int ERR_raise_error(int reason, const char *fmt, ...);
> To allow for debugging information (like I mentioned, some sensible
> combination of __FILE__, __LINE__, __FUNC__, and possibly git commit
> id), one might imagine this:
>     int ERR_add_debug_info(const char *file, size_t line,
>                            const char *func, const char *commitid);
> or a combo of both:
>     int ERR_raise_error_debug(int reason,
>                               const char *file, size_t line,
>                               const char *func, const char *commitid,
>                               const char *fmt, ...);
> Note that this doesn't have to conflict with the current error raising
> code, all we need to do is to convert whatever input ERR_put_error()
> gets into the new form.

I think this is quite a good idea. One possible concern is an exponential growth
the amount of string data that we have. Not sure what impact that might have on
the size of the library.


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