Issues and pull requests are largely getting ignored

Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Mar 26 09:53:22 UTC 2019

On 25/03/2019 20:10, Matthew Lindner wrote:
> Hello OpenSSL Team,
> The issues and pull requests on github are largely getting ignored, I
> know the team is busy on the new release but please spend some time on
> these as well.

I don't think this is a fair characterisation. I see all posts to issues and PRs
in github for openssl and I see *lots* of activity.

If I use the github "insights" page I see that over the last month 67 new issues
were raised and 46 were closed. However those numbers are skewed by issues in
very recent days (its shortly after a weekend and neither Richard or myself were
around yesterday). Over the last week 23 new issues were raised and 8 were
closed. Subtracting one from the other I see that for the period 1 week ago to 1
month ago 44 new issues were raised and 38 were closed.

So the real problem there is a mismatch between the opening rate and the closing
rate, i.e. it is NOT that we are ignoring these issues. I see it more as a
resource issue - we are seeing issues raised at a greater rate than we have
resources to handle. The best answer to that IMO is to somehow encourage a
greater participation from the community in helping us to keep on top of these
things. Not sure how best to achieve that though.

I can't do the same analysis for PRs because github doesn't detect properly when
we merge PRs (because we don't use the github facility for doing that). I would
expect to see somewhat similar numbers though.


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