No two reviewers from same company

Salz, Rich rsalz at
Thu May 23 15:01:29 UTC 2019

    > I understand that OpenSSL is changing things so that, by mechanism (and maybe by
    > policy although it’s not published yet), two members of the same company cannot
    > approve the same PR.  That’s great.  (I never approved Akamai requests unless it
    > was trivial back when I was on the OMC.)
    No such decision has been made as far as I know although it has been discussed
    at various times.

In private email, and the implication is that this was a policy.
    > Should this policy be extended to OpenSSL’s fellows?
    IMO, no.

Why not?  I understand build process is always handled by Matt and Richard (despite many attempts in the past to expand this), but I think if Oracle or Akamai can't "force a change" then it seems to me that the OMC shouldn't either.

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