AW: Build failures on master?!

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Mon Nov 18 22:29:10 UTC 2019

> > The last 19 commits on,
> > starting from Nov 14 have a red cross from the CIs. What's going on again?
> > My personal impression is that builds on master are failing 50% of the time.
> The builds on master have been failing for *much* longer than that. They
> should be succeeded on the PRs, but its the extended tests that fail.

Yes I know. I was just counting the last consecutive failures. What actually wonders
me is the fact that the tests do not fail throughout. In between there are always short
periods where the tests succced. Why is this?

The reason why I issued this cry for help is because after watching it for a long time I
got the impression that due to the ongoing failures everybody has become dull and
indifferent agains the red crosses.


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