OpenSSL Technical Committee

Matt Caswell matt at
Fri Nov 22 09:38:17 UTC 2019

I'd like to draw your attention to this PR that I just created:

This represents a significant update to the project by-laws so we'd like
to gather feedback from the community on the proposal. This was
discussed at some length at the recent OMC and commmitter face-2-face
meetings in Nuremburg, but has not yet gone to an OMC vote.

The idea is to split the current responsibilities of the OMC into two.
We would retain the OMC for overall management of the project. The OMC
would own the requirements, and make decisions around what features and
platforms we are going to support, as well as decisions around release
timing, support and EOL etc.

A newly formed group, the OpenSSL Technical Committee (OTC), would have
responsibilities for making technical decisions around design,
architecture, testing, documentation, etc. Responsibility for PR
approvals would move from the OMC to the OTC.

You can think of it like the OMC owning the answers to WHAT questions,
with the OTC owning HOW questions.

Please take a look.


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