Commit access to openssl/tools and openssl/web

Dr. Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Fri Oct 4 07:15:53 UTC 2019

Dear OMC,

while the process of merging and committing to openssl/openssl has been formalized,
no similar (official) rules for pull requests by non-OMC-member seem to apply to the
other two repositories openssl/tools and openssl/web. Probably it's because hardly
anybody outside the OMC else ever raises them? Or is it the other way around?

I would like to raise the question whether it wouldn't be beneficial for all of us,
if we would apply the same rules (commit access for all committers, plus the well
known approval rules) to all of our repos. After all, the openssl/openssl repository
is the most valuable of the three and I see no reason why the others would need
more protection. In the case of the openssl/web repository which targets the
official website, you might want to consider a 2OMC approval rule, but even there
I don't see why the usual OMC veto rule wouldn't be sufficient.


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