Triage of issues using the new labels

Matthias St. Pierre Matthias.St.Pierre at
Tue Oct 29 13:51:30 UTC 2019


after some discussion with Matt, some new 'triaged:*' GitHub labels have been
added in addition to the 'issue: *' labels.

The idea is that the 'issue: *' labels are going to be added by the reporter
by choosing the corresponding GitHub issue template (there will be one
template for every issue type when #10051 is merged).

When we committers first look at the issue, we can decide of what type the issue
and add an appropriate 'triaged: *' label. This type can be different from what
the reporter chose, if we disagree with his opinion. When we add the 'triaged: *'
label, the 'issue: *' label should be removed (IMHO). In this way, we can distinguish
between untriaged and triaged tickets.

It would be great, if you all could look through the labelled issues in the next
days/weeks and help with the triage. Ideally, only new untriaged tickets should
carry one of the 'issue: *' labels.

     issue: bug report <>

     issue: documentation <>

     issue: feature request

     issue: question <>


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