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Richard Levitte levitte at
Sun Sep 1 14:51:41 UTC 2019

I don't remember why the generic template was made so small...  So I
think I would welcome a PR that does what you describe.


On Sun, 01 Sep 2019 14:10:42 +0200,
Dr. Matthias St. Pierre wrote:
> Hi,
> I noticed that a lot of issues on GitHub containing general questions get tagged as a [bug],
> because the template list only gives the choice between two options, a *Bug Report* and
> a *Feature request*. (There is a third choice in tiny letters, which usually gets overlooked.)
> A recent example is
> For that reason, I would like to suggest adding a third template, which creates issues tagged
> as  [question]:
>   *Bug report*
>     Report a defect in the software
>   *Feature request*
>     Propose a feature you would like to see added in the software
>   *Question*
>     Ask a general question about the software
> I am aware that this third category was probably omitted on purpose, because we would rather
> see those questions asked on the openssl-users mailing list, but the practice shows that user
> interaction on the mailing lists is fading and more and more user questions are being asked on
> GitHub. What do you think about the suggestion?
> Matthias
Richard Levitte         levitte at
OpenSSL Project

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