Being socially aware

Paul Yang kaishen.yy at
Tue Sep 17 09:01:53 UTC 2019

I think this highly depends on a person’s character - sensitive or insensitive for instance. Communicating online makes it even harder to know one’s emotion behind the screens/comments.

I am kinda agree with Richard that the issues with label "good first issue” could be treated a little more cautious to encourage more new contributors - suppose  passing the regular review process of course.

> On Sep 17, 2019, at 3:53 PM, Richard Levitte <levitte at> wrote:
> You forget that this is done in public, i.e. others are looking at how
> we treat those who do come forward and submit code to some bite size
> issue.  So while @agnosticdev may have enough skin on his nose,
> onlookers that are considering whether they should contribute may not.
> On Tue, 17 Sep 2019 09:04:21 +0200,
> Dr. Matthias St. Pierre wrote:
>> I appreciate your concerns Richard, but I believe they are unwarranted in this
>> case fortunately.
>> First, my impression is that the discussion between was objective all the time
>> and far from being heated up with emotions.
>> Second, looking at the profile of the contributor, one can assert that he might
>> be relatively new to our project, but he is certainly experienced in Open Source
>> development. So I wouldn't worry too much about his feelings 😉
>> Regards,
>> Matthias
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