Cherry-pick proposal

Tim Hudson tjh at
Wed Apr 29 18:22:36 UTC 2020

Any change to the review gate check we have in place now that lowers it
will certainly not get my support.

If anything, that check before code gets approved should be raised, not


On Thu, 30 Apr 2020, 1:24 am Salz, Rich, <rsalz at> wrote:

> I suspect that the primary motivation for this proposal is that PR’s
> against master often become stale because nobody on the project looks at
> them. And then submitters are told to rebase, fix conflicts, etc. It gets
> disheartening. If that is the motivation, then perhaps the project should
> address that root cause.  Here are two ideas:
>    1. Mark’s scanning tool complains to the OTC if it has been “X” weeks
>    without OTC action.  I would pick X as 2.
>    2. Change the submission rules to be one non-author OTC member review
>    and allow OTC/OMC to put a hold for discussion during the 24-hour freeze
>    period. That discussion must be concluded, perhaps by a vote, within “Y”
>    weeks (four?).
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