Should the return result of CRYPTO_UP_REF() / CRYPTO_DOWN_REF() be checked?

SHANE LONTIS shane.lontis at
Mon Feb 10 00:15:38 UTC 2020

With the new architecture changes there are quite a few new calls to


These methods return an int that is not being checked in lots of places.

This return value only seems to affect fallback code that calls CRYPTO_atomic_add (which can return 0 on lock or unlock failure)

SO the question is should we be checking this return value?

Note that not checking has resulted in a few assumptions in other code…
e.g the following function returns void.
/crypto/evp/keymgmt_lib.c: 165 in evp_keymgmt_util_cache_pkey()
159     }
161     void evp_keymgmt_util_cache_pkey(EVP_PKEY *pk, size_t index,
162                                      EVP_KEYMGMT *keymgmt, void *keydata)
163     {
164         if (keydata != NULL) {
>>>    CID 1458170:  Error handling issues  (CHECKED_RETURN)
>>>    Calling "EVP_KEYMGMT_up_ref" without checking return value (as is done elsewhere 4 out of 5 times).
165             EVP_KEYMGMT_up_ref(keymgmt);

NOTE: EVP_KEYMGMT_up_ref() just does an CRYPTO_UP_REF() call and always returns 1.

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