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> There is some pushback against the deprecations going on in various PRs.
> The plan has always been to deprecate engines in 3.0 and removing support
> for them 5+ years later.  Originally, the path was to have included an
> engine provider that could load engines and make them appear to be a
> provider.  After a fair amount of investigation, this was deemed to be too
> difficult in the 3.0 time frame.
> Do we still want to deprecate engines in 3.0?
> Should we defer until 4.0 instead?

I think we should delay the deprecation of engine stuff to 4.0. Personally
I don't have sense of stability of provider API.

The main benefits seem to boil down to continuing to support existing
> engines vs removing the legacy code paths and switching to the provider
> model.

For me, both as open-source and commercial engine developer seems
reasonable to delay conversion from engines to providers at least until
3.0.0 feature freeze happens.
But some features I'm interested in imply engine model (and it will be
great if somebody else could look at PR 10904 to avoid it when possible).

SY, Dmitry Belyavsky
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