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Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Jan 7 23:43:37 UTC 2020

On 07/01/2020 17:00, Brockhaus, Hendrik wrote:
> Hi Matt
> Currently David and Andreas are contributing the mpeylo/cmpossl code. We want to get the complete CMP code upstream OpenSSL v3.0 as soon as possible.
> Currently chunk 7 ( is under review and chunk 8 is available as work-in-progress (
> Special thanks go to you, Bend and all others in the project for your continuous review effort and discussion!!
> Regarding the release timeline I have two questions:
> What is the deadline for the last chunk to be merged?

If my proposed timeline is accepted then the final deadline would be the
beta1 release (2020-06-02). However it would be a good idea to target
one of the earlier alpha releases in order to gain the benefit of any
community feedback on the alpha releases that we might receive.

> The planning and current status on the contribution is available on Do you see this timeline as realistic?

It looks reasonable to me.


> Hendrik
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>> Subject: 3.0 release timeline proposal
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>> Hi all
>> Myself, Paul, Shane, Richard and Nicola had a conf call today to discuss the
>> outstanding tasks and effort required to get us to a final release.
>> We've previously said this about that timeline:
>> "We are now not expecting code completion to occur until the end of Q2
>> 2020 with a final release in early Q4 2020."
>> (
>> update%2F&
>> e33a0111644f055dbc08d793753718%7C38ae3bcd95794fd4addab42e1495d55a
>> %7C1%7C0%7C637140003954238503&sdata=mkfVH1I2WaOwKwjqPamGZ
>> N%2FTAdrmTuH3avswGCVZmhk%3D&reserved=0)
>> With that in mind we came up with the following proposal for a release
>> timetable which we think is a challenging but achievable timeline:
>> alpha1, 2020-03-31: Basic functionality plus basic FIPS module alpha2, 2020-04-
>> 21: Complete external provider support (serialization, support for new algs,
>> support for providers which only include operations in a class) alpha3, 2020-05-
>> 21: Almost there (aiming to test the API completeness before beta1 freezes it)
>> beta1, 2020-06-02: Code complete (API stable, feature freeze)
>> betaN: Other beta TBD
>> Final: 2020 early Q4
>> The idea here is to set some intermediate deadlines to focus attention on the
>> final remaining tasks, with a series of 3 alphas prior to the first beta release
>> where each alpha release comes approximately every 3 weeks. We can have
>> some flexibility to adjust this timetable if we think it is necessary (such as by
>> including an additional alpha release if required).
>> Please let me know your thoughts. This would probably need to go to an OMC
>> vote to get approved.
>> Matt

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