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Richard Levitte levitte at
Mon Jun 8 10:38:57 UTC 2020


I propose telling git to shut up, i.e. FILTER_BRANCH_SQUELCH_WARNING=1
Our use of git-filter-branch isn't one that will generate a gotcha, or
we would have seen that a long time ago...  in other words, we treat
it gently.

I was looking at git-filter-repo, but realised that it's not a
standard git thing, so if we changed addrev to use that instead, we'd
have addrev starting to fail completely for everyone that hasn't
installed that one yet.  I'm not prepared to spring that surprise on


On Mon, 08 Jun 2020 12:16:40 +0200,
Matt Caswell wrote:
> After upgrading Ubuntu over the weekend I'm suddenly seeing this warning
> from addrev. Is anyone else getting this?
> WARNING: git-filter-branch has a glut of gotchas generating mangled history
> 	 rewrites.  Hit Ctrl-C before proceeding to abort, then use an
> 	 alternative filtering tool such as 'git filter-repo'
> 	 ( instead.  See the
> 	 filter-branch manual page for more details; to squelch this warning,
> Proceeding with filter-branch...
> MMatt
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