Backports to 1.1.1 and what is allowed

Kurt Roeckx kurt at
Fri Jun 19 20:39:57 UTC 2020

So we currently also have PR #12201 that adds a new constant time
P-384 implementation. Do you think we should backport that to the
1.1.1 branch? If the answer is different than for the assembler,

Does 1.1.1 being an LTS release have any effect on the answer?
For instance, if we add some assembler during the 3.1 development,
and 3.0 is not an LTS release, but 1.1.1 is, and is still supported,
do we backport it to 1.1.1 and not 3.0?

We've at least talked about not adding a feature to the stable
branch. At least one way of looking at that is that we don't add new
functionality. You could argue that new assembler is not a new
feature, just a new implementation of an existing feature.


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