Backports to 1.1.1 and what is allowed

Tim Hudson tjh at
Fri Jun 19 22:11:16 UTC 2020

The general concept is to only fix serious bugs in stable releases.
Increasing performance is not fixing a bug - it is a feature.

Swapping out one implementation of algorithm for another is a significant
change and isn't something that should go into an LTS in my view.

It would be less of an issue for users if our release cadence was more
frequent - but the principal applies - stability is what an LTS is aimed
at. We should be fixing significant bugs only.

Arguing that slower performance is a bug is specious - it works - and
performance is not something that we document and guarantee. You don't find
our release notes stating performance=X for a release - because such a
statement makes little sense for the vast majority of users.

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