Proposed vote: Drop C code output options from the apps

Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Oct 13 12:28:44 UTC 2020

The OTC recently adopted a list of technical items still to be done
which included this item:

Drop C code output options from the apps (OMC approval required).

Examples of this include the "-C" options to dhparam, dsaparam and
ecparam applications. This provides the ability to convert parameters
into C code.

Unfortunately this C code uses APIs that are due to be deprecated in
3.0. Therefore we either have to fix this or remove the option. The OTC
recommendation is that the option should be removed. Since this is the
removal of a feature OMC approval is required.

This is my proposed vote text

"Drop from 3.0 support for the C code output options from the
applications where the use of deprecated APIs is required"

Note: I notice that the x509 application also has such an option but
does not appear to require the use of deprecated APIs. The above vote
text as it is currently written would therefore not apply to that

Feedback please on the proposed vote text before I raise this.


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