Monthly Status Report (October 2020)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Sat Oct 31 15:30:26 UTC 2020

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business,
normal system administration tasks, small fixes, etc., key activities
this month:

* Development:

  - Configuration: add initial NonStop values in OpenSSL::config
    (PR openssl/openssl#12973)
  - EVP: Take care of locks when downgrading an EVP_PKEY
    (PR openssl/openssl#12978)
  - [not_yet_merged] EVP: Adapt EVP_PKEY2PKCS8() to better handle provider-native keys
    (PR openssl/openssl#12995)
  - Make a build file target to install the FIPS module installation config file
    (PR openssl/openssl#13032)
  - EVP: use evp_pkey_ctx_is_legacy() to find what implementation to use
    (PR openssl/openssl#13043)
  - APPS: Reduce deprecation warning suppression - ENGINE
    (PR openssl/openssl#13044)
  - DECODER: Handle abstract object data type
    (PR openssl/openssl#13060)
  - DECODER: Allow precise result type for OSSL_DECODER_CTX_new_by_EVP_PKEY()
    (PR openssl/openssl#13061)
  - Refactor deprecation macros
    (PR openssl/openssl#13074)
  - Modify util/ to drop new symbols that don't exist any more
    (PR openssl/openssl#13092)
  - Fix diverse ERR code conflicts
    (PR openssl/openssl#13093)
  - ENCODER / DECODER: Add functions to encode/decode to/from a buffer
    (PR openssl/openssl#13094)
  - [not_yet_merged] Add new provider encoders implementations for more output standards
    (PR openssl/openssl#13095, openssl/openssl#13167)
  - [not_yet_merged] Deprecate RSA harder
    (PR openssl/openssl#13096)
  - DH: stop setting the private key length arbitrarily
    (PR openssl/openssl#13140)
  - TEST: fix small logic error in test/evp_pkey_provided_test.c
    (PR openssl/openssl#13146)
  - TEST: modify for forensics
    (PR openssl/openssl#13147)
  - ENCODER & DECODER: set params on all encoder/decoder instances, unconditionally
    (PR openssl/openssl#13156)
  - dev/ improve instruction for pushing the tag
    (PR openssl/openssl#13159)
  - DH: make the private key length importable / exportable
    (PR openssl/openssl#13166)
  - Add easy to digest selector macros for EVP_PKEYs
    (PR openssl/openssl#13189)
  - Work around Windows ftell() bug as per Microsoft engineering's suggestion
    (PR openssl/openssl#13190)
  - APPS: Implement load_keyparams() to load key parameters
    (PR openssl/openssl#13191)
  - Unexport internal MSBLOB and PVK functions
    (PR openssl/openssl#13196)
  - Make a HERE document stricter.
    (PR openssl/openssl#13225)
  - APPS: Remove the format argument where it's not used
    (PR openssl/openssl#13236)
  - [not_yet_merged] util/fix-deprecation: DEPRECATEDIN conversion util for public headers
    (PR openssl/openssl#13239)
  - [not_yet_merged] Simplify and clarify doc/internal/man7/deprecation.pod
    (PR openssl/openssl#13240)
  - [not_yet_merged] Add new provider decoders implementations for more input standards
    (PR openssl/openssl#13248)
  - [not_yet_merged] test/endecoder_legacy_test.c: new test for legacy comparison
    (PR openssl/openssl#13262)
  - test/recipes/15-test_gendh.t: don't try DER params
    (PR openssl/openssl#13266)
  - [not_yet_merged] test/recipes/90-test_shlibload.t: Skip when address sanitizer enabled
    (PR openssl/openssl#13281)
  - [not_yet_published] Adapt OpenSSL 3.0 for VMS

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