Reordering new API's that have a libctx, propq

Dr Paul Dale paul.dale at
Wed Sep 9 12:29:46 UTC 2020

> On 9 Sep 2020, at 9:38 pm, Tomas Mraz <tmraz at> wrote:
> We could even provide a convenience thread local stack of lib contexts
> so the caller would not have to keep the old value but would just push
> the new libctx when entering and pop the old one when leaving. With
> that, I think the changes needed in the application code would be
> fairly simple and minimal.

Let’s not overcomplicate things.
We went through this discussion back when this was introduced.

Push is:
    OPENSSL_CTX *prevctx = OPENSSL_CTX_set0_default(libctx);

Pop is:

I don’t see having an explicit stack of these is of any benefit to anything but unwarranted complexity.


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