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Your suggestion seems workable too.  PRs are merged with outstanding change requests indicated — a reviewer comments, the comments are addressed then a different reviewer approves without the original review being removed.  The labels are a bit more in your face.  A hybrid “hold: required changes see review/comments” might be workable.

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> On 10 Sep 2020, at 4:03 pm, Dr. Matthias St. Pierre <Matthias.St.Pierre at> wrote:
>> Just wondering if we should have two new labels: “hold: tests needed” and “hold: documentation needed” labels?
>> There are a number of PRs that come through where one or both of these are missing missing.
> The two use cases you mention are actually better handled by a change request (via GitHub review) instead of a label:
> A team member can formulate a change request to block the merging. Here he has more freedom to formulate what
> needs to be done. This includes your two use cases, as well as the use case for the label [hold: need rebase].
> The problem with it is that currently we count only approvals and don’t consider unresolved change requests
> as a blocker. I think we should change that. This does not mean that a reviewer who made a change request
> two months ago and lost interest is forced to re-review, only that such stale reviews must be dismissed
> explicitly, if the reviewer does not respond to a re-review request within a certain time period.
> Matthias

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