Beta1 PR deadline

David von Oheimb David.von.Oheimb at
Tue Sep 8 14:38:36 UTC 2020

Hi Matt et al.,

thanks to good collaboration with OTC members I've been able to get approved
most of my open PRs that would be good be included before feature freeze,
while a few such PRs appear 'nearly' approved.

Given the 24-hours grace period, the PRs #12478
<>, #12741
<>, and #12769
<> won't make it today,
or is there a chance to still get them into beta1 a little later?


On 26.08.20 17:58, Matt Caswell wrote:
> Hi all
> The OMC had a meeting today.
> Please can anyone with PRs that they wish to have included in OpenSSL
> 3.0 beta1 ensure that they are merged to master by 8th September.
> Note in particular that there is no PR at the moment to incorporate SM2
> asymmetric encryption into OpenSSL 3.0. This feature currently exists in
> 1.1.1, so if no PR emerges by the above date then this feature is liable
> to be dropped in 3.0. (Note: PRs for SM2 signatures *do* exist and are
> expected to be present).
> Matt
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