New GitHub label for release blockers

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Sun Sep 13 14:36:53 UTC 2020

I was not referring to this page in particular, but in general to the
various pages on github doc (and more in general among the first Google
results) about github labels and milestones and how to use them.

There seem to be, in the wild, different documented approaches, probably
even influenced by the introduction over time of milestones and ways of
using labels and milestones.

I think having a common understanding of how we want to use these tools is
a good idea, so I definitely welcome the proposition of talking about it
during the vf2f!


On Sun, Sep 13, 2020, 17:26 Dr. Matthias St. Pierre <
Matthias.St.Pierre at> wrote:

> Since we were able to collect some experiences working on the ‘3.0 New
> Core + FIPS’ project, I think that’s a perfect subject
> to be discussed on the face-to-face meeting. I will add it to the list of
> proposed topics. As for the official documentation you
> mentioned, are you talking about this one?
> Matthias
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> Subject: Re: New GitHub label for release blockers
> Matthias overcredits me: I just wanted to know his opinion about when we
> should use labels and when milestones (and that is why I wrote to him
> off-list, as a very confused and shy pupil asking a sensei for wisdom
> pearls).
> All the alleged convincing was self-inflicted :P
> And now that my ignorance is out of the closet...
> ... I still have very confused ideas regarding the "best" conventional
> usage of github features like labels, milestones and projects: I read the
> official documentation about them and I grasp the general ideas behind
> them, but too often the boundaries are too foggy for me to navigate and
> pick the right tool for the job in a consistent and organic manner.
> Nicola
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