Reordering new API's that have a libctx, propq

Tim Hudson tjh at
Mon Sep 14 11:46:01 UTC 2020

On Mon, Sep 14, 2020 at 9:19 PM Matt Caswell <matt at> wrote:

> I must be misunderstanding your point because I don't follow your logic
> at all.
> So this is the correct form according to my proposed policy:
> TYPE *TYPE_make_from_ctx(char *name,TYPE_CTX *ctx)

And that is the point - this is not how the existing CTX functions work
(ignoring the OPENSSL_CTX stuff).

> > The PR should cover that context of how we name the variations of
> > functions which add the OPENSSL_CTX reference.
> IMO, it does. They should be called "*_ex" as stated in chapter 6.2. I
> don't see why we need to special case OPENSSL_CTX in the policy. Its
> written in a generic way an can be applied to the OPENSSL_CTX case.

And that means renaming all the with_libctx to _ex which frankly I don't
think makes a lot of sense to do.
Having a naming indicating OPENSSL_CTX added isn't a bad thing to do in my
Collecting a whole pile of _ex functions and having to look at each one to
figure out what the "extension" is does add additional burden for the user.
There is a reason that _with_libctx was added rather than picking _ex as
the function names - it clearly communicates then intent rather than be a
generic extension-of-API naming.

IMO *the* most confusing thing would be to *change* an existing ordering
(for example swap two existing parameters around). I see no problem with
> adding new ones anywhere that's appropriate.

Clearly we disagree on that - if you are making an extended version of a
function and you aren't keeping the same existing parameter order (which
you are not if you add or remove parameters which is the point I was making
- the order isn't the same as the existing function because you've removed
items - what you have is the order of whatever parameters remain in the
extended function are the same - and that's a pretty pointless distinction
to make - if you aren't simply adding additional items on the end you make
for a change over mess and this I think we should be trying to avoid). My
context there is for the users of the existing API.
It becomes especially problematic if you have type equivalence when the
order is changed around so there are no compiler warnings if the user
hasn't picked up on reordering of parameters.

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