3.0 beta 1 milestone

Matt Caswell matt at openssl.org
Thu Sep 17 12:48:18 UTC 2020

There's been quite a number of PRs added to the 3.0 beta 1 milestone.

Within the PRs there are a couple of bug fixes:


IMO these would be really nice to get into beta 1, but they should not
be considered blockers for it (i.e. if they didn't go in, it shouldn't
stop us from releasing beta 1).

There are also some nice-to-have items:


Again - these are nice-to-have, and if they happen to get merged in time
for beta 1 then great. Otherwise, they should wait for 3.1 (possibly
things which are just cleanup/minor refactoring could still be done
within the beta period). So, IMO, these should not be considered
blockers either.

So - this leads me to the question - what is the milestone for? Does it
means these things *must* go in before we can release beta 1? Or does it
mean we would *like* to get these things in for beta 1?

I actually don't mind either way - but if its the latter, then I need a
way of identifying the "must haves". These are the top priority items,
and at the moment I can't easily track their progress.


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