VOTE: Accept the OTC voting policy as defined:

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Oh, sorry, you are right! The participants of the face to face already voted, but I forgot to fill in the votes. Apologies, I'll make up for it in a minute!


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topic: Accept the OTC voting policy as defined:

      The proposer of a vote is ultimately responsible for updating the votes.txt
      file in the repository.  Outside of a face to face meeting, voters MUST reply
      to the vote email indicating their preference and optionally their reasoning.
      Voters MAY update the votes.txt file in addition.

      The proposed vote text SHOULD be raised for discussion before calling the vote.

      Public votes MUST be called on the project list, not the OTC list and the
      subject MUST begin with "VOTE:".  Private votes MUST be called on the
      OTC list with "PRIVATE VOTE:" beginning subject.

Proposed by Matthias St. Pierre (on behalf of the OTC)
Public: yes
opened: 2020-09-28
closed: 2020-mm-dd
accepted:  yes/no  (for: X, against: Y, abstained: Z, not voted: T)

 Matt       [  ]
 Mark       [  ]
 Pauli      [  ]
 Viktor     [  ]
 Tim        [  ]
 Richard    [  ]
 Shane      [  ]
 Tomas      [  ]
 Kurt       [  ]
 Matthias   [+1]
 Nicola     [  ]

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