Monthly Status Report (November)

Matt Caswell matt at
Fri Dec 3 11:07:06 UTC 2021

As well as normal reviews, attending regular OMC and OTC meetings, 
attending daily stand up meetings, responding to user queries, wiki user 
requests, OMC business, sys-admin, support customer issues, CLA 
submissions, handling security reports, etc., key activities this month:

- Investigated an issue where using a short ECX key resulted in an assertion
  failure. Created PR #17041 to fix this.

- Investigated a segfault on program exit (#17040) which was caused by 
  multiple versions of OpenSSL linked at the same time

- Wrote and subsequently merged the OTC design policy
- Investigated and found a solution for a user with connectivity issues 

- Wrote a proposed policy for accepting assembler optimisations
- Fixed an SSL_get_error() problem when used in async mode

- Fixed some errors in the EVP_PKEY_fromdata doc examples
- Investigated a problem with encoding of EC Public keys
- Investigated and fixed numerous threading issues
- Clarified the PEM docs to explain how to use libctx/propq with them
- Fixed an issue with incorrect detection of short ECX keys
- Clarified the EVP_CTRL_AEAD_SET_TAG documentation
- Investigated and fixed a symbol_presence test failure on windows
- Attended numerous design meeting
- Investigated a report of custom RSA_METHOD code not working as expected

- Investigated performance issues

- Created PR to not remove the doc/html directories when cleaning

- Attended a meeting with other open source groups regarding post quantum
- Various work transitioning our internal git repositories to Github 


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