VOTE: Calling a free function on an algorithm method

Matt Caswell matt at
Tue Feb 23 10:18:48 UTC 2021

topic: We allow calling a free function on an algorithm method for
methods that
       were not fetched. The free function does nothing in that case.
       EVP_MD_CTX_md will be deprecated and documented as having "get0"
       semantics. We will replace it with EVP_MD_CTX_get0_md and
       EVP_MD_CTX_get1_md. We should do the same for other similar functions
Proposed by Matt Caswell
Public: yes
opened: 2021-02-23
closed: 2021-02-23
accepted:  yes  (for: 4, against: 0, abstained: 5, not voted: 2)

  Matt       [+1]
  Mark       [  ]
  Pauli      [ 0]
  Viktor     [  ]
  Tim        [+1]
  Richard    [ 0]
  Shane      [+0]
  Tomas      [+0]
  Kurt       [ 0]
  Matthias   [+1]
  Nicola     [+1]

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