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Wed Jan 6 22:58:54 UTC 2021


On Wed, 6 Jan 2021 at 04:29, Paul Dale <ppzgs1 at> wrote:
> An article about LibreSSL and indirectly OpenSSL:

TL;DR "One result of all this work is that Linux distributions have,
in general, not shifted away from OpenSSL. Two distributions that did
attempt to provide LibreSSL support were Alpine Linux and Gentoo.
Alpine Linux supported LibreSSL as its primary TLS library for a
while, but switched back to OpenSSL with the 3.9.0 release in January
2019. Gentoo never tried to switch over completely, but it supports
LibreSSL as an alternative."
is also relevant to the threads that proposes to refactor the OpenSSL

Christian Heinrich

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