Monthly Status - March

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Wed Mar 31 09:57:23 UTC 2021

Significant activities throughout February were:

  * Add OSSL_PARAM arguments to the initialisation calls for all algorithms.
  * Figured out algorithm life cycles, produced diagrams and state
  * Wrote up the life cycles for KDF, MAC and RAND (the "new" algorithm
  * Separated OSSL_CORE_BIO and BIO and fixed a number of bugs along the
  * Improved the fake RAND used by some of the test suite.
  * Fixed a threading problem with the for all loaded function.
  * Checked all the do all functions for potential threading problems.
  * Added a no-legacy build to the CI loop.
  * Planning for the pathway towards the FIPS validation and 3.0.
  * Fixed over fifty issues identified by Coverity.
  * Implemented the X509_PUBKEY_dup function and fixed bugs exposed by this.
  * Fixed a concurrent access problem in SSL_CTX_new.
  * Investigated, but haven't yet fixed, a threading problem in
    EVP_fetch with the default library context.

In addition were minor pull requests, reviewing, OMC and OTC business, 
et al.

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