Monthly Status Report (April 2021)

Tomas Mraz tomas at
Mon May 3 09:17:05 UTC 2021

My key activities this month were:

- triage of newly reported issues and responding to questions
- participation on the meetings
- AppVeyor reconfiguration to run only on pushes to master

- reviews of various PRs:
  - I've reviewed about 90 PRs this month
  - Notable PRs reviewed:
    - Configure/Makefile: fix some FIPS installation issues #13684
    - Add library context and property query support into the PKCS12
APIs #14434
    - Add OIDs among algorithm names + don't go via NIDs when fetching
an algorithm from a ASN1_OBJECT #14498
    - Fix d2i_PrivateKey() and PEM_X509_INFO_read_bio_ex() etc. loading
private keys #14647
    - Add OSSL_ALGORITHM description field + API to use them #14656
    - Only enable KTLS if it is explicitly configured #14799
    - Alpha 14 release
    - Store some FIPS global variables in the FIPS_GLOBAL structure
    - ENCODER & DECODER: Allow decoder implementations to specify
"carry on" #14834
    - Fix dh_rfc5114 option in genpkey. #14883
    - Alpha 15 release
    - STORE: Use the 'expect' param to limit the amount of decoders
used #15066

- submitted 30 PRs:
  - In particular:
    - Deprecate the EVP_PKEY controls for CMS and PKCS#7 #14760
    - Implement provider-side keymgmt_dup function #14793
    - Detect low-level engine based keys #14859
    - Add type_name member to provided methods and use it #14898
    - Prefer fetch over get_digestby... or get_cipherby... where
appropriate #15028
    - Implement pem_read_key directly through OSSL_DECODER #15045
    - Correct the SM2 handling of DIGEST and DIGEST_SIZE parameters
    - Add -latomic to threads enabled 32bit linux builds #15086
    - Make the -inform option to be respected if possible #15100

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