Late Monthly Status Report (March 2021)

Richard Levitte levitte at
Fri May 7 07:24:50 UTC 2021

Apart from normal business, such as normal reviews, OMC business,
normal system administration tasks, small fixes, etc., key activities
this month:

* Development:
  - [not_yet_merged] Configure: add -fkeep-inline-functions to --strict-warnings
    (PR openssl/openssl#8955)
  - [not_yet_closed] Propagate the no_store flag + consequences for evp_pkey_export_to_provider()
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14164)
  - [not_yet_closed] OpenSSL 3.0 currently doesn't build on OpenVMS, adaptation needed
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14247)
  - EVP_RAND should be renamed to OSSL_RAND
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14297)
  - Provider side encoders and decoders need to stop using EVP_PKEY
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14306)
  - Stop using EVP_PKEY in encoders and decoders
    (PR openssl/openssl#14314)
  - Make 'tests' depend on a generated 'providers/fipsmodule.cnf'
    (PR openssl/openssl#14320)
  - Fix threading issues in crypto/provider_core.c
    (PR openssl/openssl#14354)
  - test/threadstest.c: Add a test to load providers concurrently
    (PR openssl/openssl#14372)
  - DOCS: Fix provider-mac.pod and the docs of our implementations
    (PR openssl/openssl#14380)
    (PR openssl/openssl#14415)
  - Undo passing of params to provider side init/derive/instantiate
    (PR openssl/openssl#14435)
  - [not_yet_closed] Introduce EVP level fetchable sigalg functionality
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14467)
  - PROV: use EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_params() rather than EVP_CIPHER_CTX_ctrl()
    (PR openssl/openssl#14484)
  - TEST: Cleanup test recipes
    (PR openssl/openssl#14505)
  - [not_yet_closed] Introduce EVP level fetchable PRF functionality
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14543)
  - Configure: check all DEPEND values against GENERATE, not just .h files
    (PR openssl/openssl#14598)
  - Fix a missing rand -> ossl_rand rename
    (PR openssl/openssl#14609)
  - ASN1: Reset the content dump flag after dumping
    (PR openssl/openssl#14627)
  - RSA-PSS: When printing parameters, always print the trailerfield ASN.1 value
    (PR openssl/openssl#14676)
  - [not_yet_closed] test/ not suitable for current OpenSSL
    (Issue openssl/openssl#14709)
  - Unix build file template: symlink "simple" to "full" shlib selectively
    (PR openssl/openssl#14726)
  - Re-implement ANSI C building with a Github workflow
    (PR openssl/openssl#14729)
* Web:
  - REVIEWED: Update newsflash for the 3.0 alpha13 release
    (PR openssl/web#223 by mattcaswell)
  - Complete the transition changelog.txt ->
    (PR openssl/web#224)
* Other:
  - Started over with buildbot master development / configuration / setup

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