Monthly Status Report (August 2021)

Tomas Mraz tomas at
Wed Sep 1 12:37:18 UTC 2021

My key activities this month were:

- triage of newly reported issues and responding to questions
- participation on the meetings
- sysadmin: fixing disabled CLA check on GitHub PRs - moved the script
from discontinued to
- continued studying the Buildbot documentation

- reviews of various PRs:
  - I've reviewed about 50 PRs this month
  - Notable PRs reviewed:
    - Fix d2i_ECPKParameters_fp and i2d_ECPKParameters_fp macroes
#16355 and #12457
    - Add a specialised TLS 1.3 KDF implementation #16203
    - Fix s390x AES OFB/CFB cipher implementation on updating IV #16291
and #16292
    - aes-wrap: improve error handling #16391
    - Fix leak if config run multiple times #16425
    - Ensure that we check the ASN.1 type of an "otherName" before
using it #16443
    - Rationalize provider locking #16469

- submitted 20 PRs:
  - In particular:
    - Windows, VMS: Do install_fips on install if fips is enabled
    - Prevent recursive call of OPENSSL_INIT_LOAD_CONFIG #16210 
    - Multiple fixes for getting pub key from legacy DH PKEY #16253
    - rsa: Try legacy encoding functions for pubkey #16289
    - EVP_DigestSign/VerifyFinal: Duplicate the pctx to allow multiple
calls #16422
#16433 and #16441 

I had also 1 full week time off.

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