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Tam Tam at openssl.org
Mon Aug 1 07:15:57 UTC 2022

Helps if I put the right month in! (apologies for the blonde moment) :-)


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Subject: 	Monthly Status Report (June 2022)
Date: 	Mon, 1 Aug 2022 11:09:36 +1000
From: 	Tam <Tam at openssl.org>
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In addition to the daily stand up meetings, Martin catch-ups I've 
attended the following meetings:

CRM Requirements
Security Process


*Standard Activities:*

Actioned Support Contract Leads    7
Actioned Support Contract Renewals    2
Actioned Contributor Requests    6

*Other items: *
_Completed _
Set Up: Mail, Google Workspace, XMPP, GitHub, TortoiseGit etc
Confirmed access to OMC, OTC & OSS Admin GIT HUBS
Created Contributor onboarding Procedure & Process Flow
Created Support Customer onboarding Process Flow
Updated Support Customer Standard Responses in You Track
Suggested GitHub Repositories Listing
Created TortoiseGit How To documentation
Updated Contractor Contract to create a template
Liased with Acumen to agree FIPS rebranding process
Reviewed Team Contacts
Revised Support Contract Spreadsheet to improve workflow

_Waiting on Review _
Created Sensitive Information Policy
Created Information Release Policy
Created FIPS Rebranding process flow & standard responses

_In Progress _
Non-Technical Staff onboarding Procedure
Support Customer onboarding process procedures
Researching CRM options
Cloudfare Background research
Travel Policy Review



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