Monthly Status Report (June)

Matt Caswell matt at
Mon Jul 18 09:36:33 UTC 2022

As well as normal reviews, attending regular OMC and OTC meetings, 
attending daily stand up and sprint planning meetings, responding to 
user queries, wiki user requests, OMC business, sys-admin, support 
customer issues, responding to public github issues, CLA submissions, 
handling security reports, etc., key activities this month:

Significant review of the threading and signal masking PR 12255
Worked on moving the DTLS code into the new read record layer
Fixed a mem leak in the property definition caching code
Fixed a NULL pointer deref in CONF_modules_unload
Investigated a problem building on Android
Reviewed the dgram API design document
Reviewed the certificate compression PR
Investigated and fixed a mem leak in evp_pkey_copy_downgraded()
Reviewed the BIO_sendmmsg/BIO_recvmmsg PR
Investigated an EVP_PKEY_fromdata crash
Interviewed candidates for the Business Admin role
Processed some security issue reports
Fixed a mem leak in DSA export and other export functions
Fixed range_should_be_prefix() to actually return the correct result
Fixed a crash in v2i_IPAddrBlocks()
Fixed a crash in X509v3_asid_subset()
Investigated a gost digest issue
Reviewed issues for the security release
Reviewed the security release advisory
Preparation and communication regarding the security release
Added a datagram mem BIO
Added a test case for out-of-order DTLS packets that span epochs
Prepared for and performed the release of 3.0.4, 1.1.1p and 1.0.2zf
Investigated and fixed a DTLS bug failing to retransmit in some situations
Implemented moving of unprocessed records from one record layer to the 
next for DTLS in the new read record layer
Reviewed the RX and TX packetiser PRs


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