OMC vote: FIPS rebranding periodicity

Dr Paul Dale pauli at
Sun Feb 26 22:16:12 UTC 2023

Topic: Premium support customers get one zero cost FIPS re-brand per year.
Comment: * Existing FIPS validations can be re-branded.  Pending and future
            validations cannot be re-branded until after the certificate
            is issued.
          * The old FOM for OpenSSL 1.0.2 cannot be re-branded.
          * Re-brands cannot be banked.  If one isn't used in any
            year, it is lost.
          * A re-brand that spans contract renewal counts against the
            year the process began (i.e. the earlier year).
          * Premium support customers must have premium support both at
            the time of initiating the re-brand and when it concluded.
          * The year is defined by the beginning and renewal of the 
            A contract starting or renewing on the 1st of May means the
            year runs 1st of May through 30th of April inclusive.

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