Seeking feedback from OpenSSL provider users and developers

Hugo Landau hlandau at
Tue May 9 07:17:07 UTC 2023

Dear OpenSSL Users,

As part of our mission to better engage with all of our communities, we
are looking into holding an online video meeting for users and developers
of OpenSSL providers.

The meeting would be open to anyone involved in the development or use
of OpenSSL providers and you can attend as an individual or on behalf of
your organisation.

If you would be interested in participating in this meeting, please
email feedback at with the subject "OpenSSL Providers Meeting".
Please mention which time zone you are in and any preferences for times
of day, as this will help us with scheduling. It would also be helpful
if you could briefly summarise your involvement with OpenSSL providers.

We hope that this meeting will help us to better understand the needs
and use cases which users and developers of OpenSSL providers care
about, and also offers an opportunity for you to provide feedback
directly to the project team.

Hugo Landau

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