Agenda items sought for OTC/committers F2F

Tomas Mraz tomas at
Mon May 15 17:06:39 UTC 2023

I am currently working on transforming the proposed topics in the
spreadsheet [1] into a real schedule for the OTC F2F [2].

Given the past experience, it seems obvious to me that we won't be able
to fully cover all the suggested topics from the spreadsheet.

To be able to fill-in the schedule I need at least some estimates on
how long the discussion on these topics might take. Each topic also
needs a facilitator, otherwise the discussion will be pretty random and
full of rabbit holes. So I am gathering volunteers for being
facilitators for each of the topic from the spreadsheet. The
facilitator chooses the topic length and some rough outline for the
discussion (no slides or anything like that needed).

As you can see in the schedule document we have 75 minutes for each of
the morning slots and 90 minutes for each of the afternoon slots. I
expect to also have summary sessions at the end of each day but maybe
90 mins is too much for these? I am just afraid that after 5 p.m.
everybody will be too exhausted for further productive discussion.

Any comments, ideas?



On Tue, 2023-04-25 at 10:00 +0100, Hugo Landau wrote:
> Dear OpenSSL Committers & OTC,
> The draft agenda for the upcoming F2F meeting for OTC and OpenSSL
> committers can be found here:
> Committers and OTC members are invited to propose agenda items to
> add to the draft agenda. You can add your proposals to
> the spreadsheet directly. If you don't have access to the spreadsheet
> to
> modify it, email me and I'll add you. Alternatively you can reply to
> this email with your proposals and I'll add the items to the
> spreadsheet.
> Yours,
> Hugo Landau
> OpenSSL
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> otc at

Tomáš Mráz, OpenSSL

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