[openssl-users] HTTP / HTTPS on same port

Joris Van Remoortere joris at mesosphere.io
Fri Apr 3 19:48:37 UTC 2015


I would like to ask your opinion and advice on accepting HTTP / HTTPS
connections on the same port.

I currently have a prototype that peeks at the first byte after accepting a
new connection, and dispatches to the appropriate routines based on whether
the first byte is 0x16 or not. This came from looking at the TLS handshake
protocol (
and testing different libraries.

The motivation for this was to avoid the configuration nightmare of
introducing a second port, both in our code, and for administrators
(firewall rules, etc.).

1) Is it valid to assume that the 1st byte of the handshake protocol is a
valid way to disambiguate the traffic?
2) Are there any corner cases I might be missing?
3) Are there any security reasons for not doing this?

Thanks for your advice,

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