[openssl-users] Include files location in 1.0.2a

John Unsworth John.Unsworth at owmessaging.com
Tue Apr 7 11:15:03 UTC 2015

I build openssl as static libraries that are then included in applications. Up till 1.0.2 all the include files have been in one directory so building the applications just involved using the single include folder, which I copied from the openssl build, and the openssl static libraries. However in 1.0.2a the files in include are just redirects to the real include files that are scattered all over the place. This means that I will have to locate and assemble them into a single include directory again unless I want to build against a complete preserved openssl build structure which would take up too much space (4 platforms release, plus debug for windows, for 32 and 64 bit so 10 builds). Am I missing something?

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